The who the what now?

Hey, I’m Joan. I go by Amethyst on the blog since it’s a long standing internet nickname. :)

This is a personal blog that I’m using to connect with other goths, geeks, and hopefully, geeky goths. I write about my experiences in life, both as a goth and geek; I balance my all-black attire with appropriate video game shirts and jeans, thank you ;)

Some random stuff about me:

  • I graduated from Buffalo State College with a B.A. (honors) in Media Production.
  • I was the first in my family, ever, to graduate from college. I’m still not sure how I did it.
  • Don’t ask me to pick a favorite movie or song; we’ll be here all night.
  • My favorite band, however, is VNV Nation. If you’re not familiar with them, treat yo’ self.
  • I really love glitch art, and I’m learning how to make some of my own. You can check out some work that I did over on Instagram!
  • To further the stereotype, I’m Pagan. It’s more of an Eclectic path, although I know that term can be polarizing to some. I really enjoy Kitchen Witchery, Discordianism, and Wicca, and I’m trying to find a way to balance all three of those. I haven’t figured out how, yet.
  • I’m mostly a PC gamer due to a lack of money/space, but I grew up on Nintendo. My boyfriend and I are currently saving for a WiiU.
  • I love Animal Crossing don’t even get me started-
  • But I also love Metal Gear Solid, VALVe games, Mass Effect, Super Mario Bros., Life is Strange, and others.
  • You wouldn’t think I was a goth upon first glance. I wear lots of dark blue and purple with my blacks, and I am not as loud about my subculture as many are. Some of that has to do with the fact that I’m fat and there isn’t enough stylish clothing in my size, and some of that is practical, e.g. I don’t make a habit of carrying lint rollers.
  • My goth is subdued; I love Dracula, Edgar Allen Poe, and Tim Burton, but I also like Courtney Crumrin, Voltaire, and Gothic Charm School. I am not especially loud about most of these interests as my group of friends aren’t goth, so for the sake of my friendships I keep most of that to myself and my fiance.
  • You’d best believe that my new place will be decked in Halloween home decor year ’round, though.
  • Seriously, Fiance and I have already started a collection.

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