Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 Review

Life is Strange was the cult classic of 2015; a story about growing up, accepting responsibility for one’s actions, learning to cope with both the everyday mundane and the horrors of the world, all while trying to sustain friendships and stay true to one’s self as one grows up. It was an absolutely amazing game. Cut from the same cloth as modern surrealistic media like Twin Peaks and Stranger Things, what started out as the life of an artistic teenage girl turned into a twisting supernatural world filled with mystical elements, horrible consequences, and death. It was an amazing game and one that I often find myself jumping back to on occasion, despite having played it altogether too much already.

2017 brought about a two-fold announcement for those interested in the series; a sequel, made by the same developers who made the original game (Dontnod Entertainment), and a prequel, developed by Deck Nine. Formerly known as Idol Minds, Deck Nine was responsible for games such as Pain, Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, and the Cool Boarders series. Going from those titles to a series focused on story telling and strong character development is a drastic change of pace from their usual fare, and I was definitely interested in learning more.

Before the Storm started with a bit of controversy before the game was released, however. The long and short of it is that SAG-AFTRA, the guild for voice actors, issued a strike to protect its workers in the industry. Ashly Burch, the original voice actress for Chloe (Max’s best friend and protagonist of Before the Storm), did not provide voice overs for the game since she was involved with the union. Deck Nine decided to hire a scab instead, actress Rhianna DeVries, to provide Chloe’s voice. This left a sour taste in my mouth, as it did for others, but the decision was already made. Burch stayed on the project as a consultant and writer, much to the relief of many.

So, the big question, after all is said and done, is this: does it work?

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Recent Earworms

Usually, around this time of year, I find myself listening to a variety of music to get into the right “mood” of the season. Sometimes, depending on my health and general temperament, I’ll listen to a few songs over and over again until the whole house gets sick of them. And then I keep listening.

I’m honestly surprised I haven’t been called out on it yet!

Here’s my current list of earworms, or songs-that-I-can’t-stop-listening-to-for-whatever-reason.

Pete, it’s still been too soon. This song just envelopes me into a velvety cocoon whenever I listen to it, and Pete’s voice is to thank for a large portion of that feeling. RIP.

It’s not strictly goth, per se, but then again, I never said that I listened to just goth music either (which is a topic for another day). It helps that I’ve been watching the new season of Twin Peaks, and I’ve been as surprised, scared, and pleased (more or less…) as most fans. It helps that Apop Berzerk makes some great music to begin with, but this homage to Twin Peaks – and this pretty cool fan video – push it right into earworm territory for me.


I’ve got no rhyme or reason for this one. The weather is getting cooler, and damned if I don’t love some Tallest Man on Earth. I first heard of him through this song, actually; Adult Swim had one of their free music summers, and I believe that this song was the last single available. It introduced me to this cool artist and I’ve been really digging him. If you like this, give his album The Wild Hunt a try, too.

I’ll eventually have a post about season specific songs at some point, so keep an eye out for that. But tell me: what’s rattling around in your head? Any good songs sticking around?

Music & Mental Health

Book Review: Halloween with Matthew Mead (2012)

I must admit: I am one of those goths who very desperately wants to decorate my house with Halloween related stuff all year ’round.  I’m not saying that I’d like super cheesy decorations (I’m saving those for the actual holiday), but little touches of  spoopy spooky, creepy, and plain old weird would make my home feel more like a home. Bf and I are getting our own place soon, and we (along with our future roommate) are all rather excited to begin the decorating process – and, luckily, we all share similar tastes in decor!

This is adorable and you cannot convince me otherwise. (Source:

This is adorable and you cannot convince me otherwise. (Source: Michael’s)

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So I planned on making today’s post a book review, but it looks like I’ll have to get to that next time – today was the announcement for the next WoW expansion, Legion. And while I’m going to admit that I’m cautiously optimistic about it – the class halls look interesting, and I’m very interested in the new Hero Class, Demon Hunter – it’s not what I want to talk about today.

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I couldn’t make it through “Star Trek: Into Darkness”.

I’m not saying that I’m a huge, nitpicky Star Trek fan (at least not anymore). I haven’t regularly watched Trek since the end of the first season of Voyager (it got weird to me), and I’ve been pretty disappointed with all of the TNG movies.

Just... no.

Just… no.

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A (short) Introduction

Hi, I’m Amethyst.  I wanted to set up this blog as a way of communication: I want to talk about my personal experiences of being, well, a geeky goth; I want to use this blog as a means of reaching out to people who share similar interests; and I hope to be an eventual resource, however small, to others about these (and related) topics.

Currently, however, it’s the beginning of August – and I’m probably slowly dying of heatstroke – so I’m going to wrap this up for now.

Actually, here’s a cooler manifesto. Let’s just use this one: